Hieronder vind u een lijst van publicaties en presentaties van Dr Van den Hooff

History of Neurosis, Hans van den Hooff (2009), London, IGAP: geschiedenis-neurose-2

The myth of Hermes/Mercurius and the formation of Identity, Hans van den Hooff (2014), London, IGAP: igap-hermes_09-aug-14_1

Van den Hooff, Hans. (2012) Psychoanalytic reflections on a changing world [Book Review] [online]. Socio-analysis, 14, 2012: 137-139.

Van den Hooff, Hans (2012) Falling Bankers and Falling Banks: A Psychoanalytical Exploration of the Phaethon Motif and the Fall in Financial Careers, in Towards a socioanalysis of money, finance and capiitalism: Beneath the surface of the financial industry Susan Long and Burkhard Sieverd (Eds.), Routledge, London

Van den Hooff, Hans (2006) Competition: some reflections on its archetypal roots and its effects on today’s organizations. Paper 23rd Annual Meeting of the International Society for the Psychoanalytical Study of Organizations, Amsterdam, the Netherlands, 19–25 June 2006. Original paper

Van den Hooff, H. (2013): A Hilbert-Space Framework for the Genesis of Conscious Mental States, Mind and Matter 11 45-60 Original publication

Van den Hooff, Hans (2012) : Quantum Mechanics and Analytical psychology anno 2012: Hilbert Space as a Mathematical Model for the Psyche. Paper 2d European Conference of the International Association of Analytical Psychology, St Petersburg, Russia, August- September 2012.

(2015) C.G. Jung and the two Hemispheres: Symposium: de Grootsheid van de Geest


Jungiaanse Therapieopleiding in Nederland (2016) Hans van den Hooff, Jung Bulletin Mei 2016: . Jung Opleidingen

Grasping and Ambiguity; Psyche, Quantum Mechanics, Alchemy and the Brain, IGAP seminar London (2015) Hans van den Hooff & Iain McGilchrist: IGAP seminar McGilchrist and Van den Hooff

Brain Hemispheres and the importance of being with Affect in analysis (2016) Hans van den Hooff, presented at the 30th conference of the IAAP in Kyoto: presentation-kyoto

Eros and Psyche (2018), an analytical view on the myth presented the Independent Group of Analytical Psychology, London May 2018: Text and Slides.

Alchemy and the Transformation of Psyche (2019), Presentation Seminar Nederlandse Associatie voor Analytische Psychologie (NAAP). NAAP: Alchemie Seminar 2019